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Implementation and Financing of Innovative Low Carbon Projects: Lessons Learned

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This conference will aim to encourage novel approaches to financing and business models, in addition to technological innovation, in developing clean energy technologies. ERRIN Member regions will showcase inspiring, concrete examples of innovative and efficient approaches to securing investment in local low carbon projects. A subsequent debate between the project developers and EU institutional; finance institution; and private sector representatives will explore the lessons which can be drawn from these projects in designing the future EU approach to supporting investment in low carbon technologies.

Financing Europe’s transition to a low carbon energy system remains a key challenge, particularly in the context of the ongoing economic crisis. In addition to meeting climate objectives, there are clear economic benefits for Europe in securing its global leadership in low carbon energy technologies. However, this requires significant investment at a time of stretched resources across both public and private sectors: the European Commission’s 2009 Communication on “Investing in the development of low carbon technologies” foresees a need for €50 billion additional financing to 2020.

A number of existing EU instruments and mechanisms aim to accelerate this investment, including local initiatives such as ELENA, JESSICA, JEREMIE, the European Energy Efficiency Fund and the PPP (Public Private Partnership) financial scheme; the Framework Programme for Research and Intelligent Energy Europe instruments; and larger scale programmes such as the NER 300, European Energy Programme for Recovery and planned Connecting Europe facility.

Looking to the longer term, the Commission is currently considering a new approach to energy technology development in a future EU energy policy (with a Communication due to be published in early 2013), and negotiations of the overall long term EU budget for 2014-2020 are well underway.

This event takes place at Scotland House Conference Centre Rond Point Schuman 6, Brussels from 9:30 - 14:30.

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This event is included in the agenda of the European Union Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW).

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