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CommONEnergy Data Mapper

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An interactive and user-friendly Data Mapper was recently launched within the CommONEnergy EU-funded project to present the findings.
The first data series focuses on the building sector and includes information on the total floor area of non-residential buildings as well as wholesale and retail buildings. Non-residential building use/type includes wholesale and trade, offices, hotels and restaurants, health, education and other buildings. These data series also provide information on the shopping centre buildings Gross Leasable Area (GLA) per country.
The second data series provides an overview of the final energy demand for non-residential buildings and shopping centres. Other information presents the shopping centre market development and saturation and indicates, for instance, which countries show potential for new shopping centres. 
Therefore, the Data Mapper allows a tailor-made and comparative access to national and international indicators on the commercial building stock in EU-28 and Norway and lists useful resources. The Data Mapper also offers the possibility to download and export maps in Excel format.
The EU-funded CommONEnergy project will turn highly energy consuming shopping centres into beacons of energy efficiency. There are 23 partners representing various industry stakeholders as well as research and academia from ten European Member States.
To access the Data Mapper tool: http://eeg.tuwien.ac.at/commonenergy/about
More information about CommONEnergy: http://www.commonenergyproject.eu/ 

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