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RentalCal Saloon: advantages of energy efficient rental homes

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RentalCal Saloon at EXPO REAL

RentalCal Saloon at EXPO REAL


RentalCal is presenting the first official version of the RentalCal tool at an open "Saloon" at EXPO REAL 


In cooperation with University of Regensburg, RentalCal is presenting the new RentalCal tool to guide house owners and consultants in the private rental housing sector in investing in energy efficiency. 

The work with the development of the tool has led to a number of interesting studies in "Green premiums". 


German, Dutch and Spanish surveys of housing prices with different energy labels say that "housing with a better energy label and hence higher energy efficiency are rented at higher prices." The comparisons are based on the energy labelling of energy consultants for new construction and sales. Specifically, the studies show that a better energy brand gives an increase in property value of 3-6%.


A German survey also shows that low energy homes are rented out faster than homes with higher energy consumption. So, for the individual landlord, both in terms of the rent level and the rate at which it is hired, there is an economic incentive to energy efficiency.


Karlsruher Institute for Technology presents the Monte Carlo Method, sensitivity analysis and non-monetary impacts for evaluating the RentalCal tool outputs. 

These interesting results and discussions and much more will be presented at the RentalCal Saloon.  


Open invitation on Thursday, 5 October 2017 at EXPO REAL, Room B22 (1th floor) from 13:00 - 14:30.

See the attached program here.


For more information please contact Elsebeth Terkelsen, European Green Cities, -, tel. 0045 1757 1955.

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