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Crowdfunding platforms: finding new projects and building investor base

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How to find new projects and build an investor base as a newly launched crowdfunding platform


Newly launched crowdfunding platforms for renewable energy projects often face the challenge to find projects that are suitable for their platform. A clear identification of the platform’s clients is crucial, be it renewable energy project developers, SMEs or project contractors.


As a new platform in the crowdfunding business, which is a fast-changing market, one needs to thoroughly analyse and understand its target clients. To generate adequate dealflow requires an understanding of the target markets and a strong network within a sector. One such step are emailings and expert networking events, but it will require more dedicated actions to engage relevant participants. Building a deal pipeline successfully is challenging as well as time-consuming (Remark: The CrowdFundRES guidelines for platforms provide answers to these and other questions to facilitate better understanding and decision-making to new platforms).


Another way of finding suitable projects (clients) for a newly launched RES crowdfunding platforms could be to look into tailored portals that focus on the sector. The European Investment Project Portal (EIPP) is one of these portals and it displays a range of European Investment Projects in renewable energies, energy efficiency and other sectors. CrowdFundRES recommends this portal to those crowdfunding platforms that want to expand their operations to the renewable energies field or that have recently launched their business and are looking for project developers and an investor base.


For more information on EIPP: