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EnergySavingCheck 3.0: Savings check - electricity, heating, water

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The EnergySavingCheck 3.0 is a calculation tool developed to estimate a household’s energy and water consumption and savings. It was first introduced by Caritasverband Frankfurt e.V, Germany for the EU-funded project ACHIEVE and it is based on the calculation tool of the Cariteam Energiesparservice.  Later, it was appropriately adjusted by the Energy Agency of Plovdiv, Bulgaria and the Focus Association for Sustainable Development, Slovenia for the needs and purposes of the REACH project, another EU-funded project. EnergySavingCheck 3.0 is developed with Microsoft Excel and it can be used for free in the non-profit sector.


EnergySavingCheck 3.0 is an integrated energy advising tool for homeowners and tenants. It is user-friendly and provides useful information of the household’s energy and water consumption. This calculation tool requires significant information as inputs, such as data on energy and water use and costs (from bills), electricity using devices (lightning, cooking, washing, entertainment, cooling, heating etc.), state of the building (heating system, insulation, windows, the position of flat etc.). After the current energy and water consumption is estimated, the end user can calculate the energy and water savings and take the appropriate steps for reducing his/her energy and water use. Also, the relevant carbon dioxide footprint can be calculated.


The EnergySavingCheck 3.0 calculation tool is available for download at the link provided below.