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GSA Trends 2019 #7 Renewable energies

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Urban wind power is playing the Arlesian game, Africa is demanding electricity, but is having trouble hosting large-scale solar projects. So, the renewable 2019 trend? It cannot be said.


This is obvious in some countries but not in others. And when we marvel at the solar and wind energy, biomass and biomethane are developing, raising many questions.


That's why this latest addition to the 2019 Green Solutions trends is so short. We imagined that we would receive many more answers in the form of case studies to solve the unknown of RE and we were left hungry! 7.1.


Uneven diffusion for solar energy Whether we are talking about photovoltaic or solar thermal for domestic hot water, the contribution of the sun is a constant on many renovation projects, as well as new ones. We can simply distinguish (...)


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