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New Logic III – “The Tube”, Netherlands

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DOKVAST developed a sustainable and high-quality distribution centre for Rhenus Contract Logistics at the industrial area Het Laar in Tilburg. The distribution centre, named “The Tube”, consists of three linked compartments with mezzanine floors at two levels that are suitable for Value Added Services (VAS) and/or (future) expansion of the office.


With an overall score of 99.4% on all individual sustainability categories New Logic III delivers an exceptionally high performance.


Awareness energy and water consumption


The building is equipped with Modbus meters in the various groups of all main and sub-distribution units and the available water meters. These meters are all linked to the DOCC CONTROL platform that allows for the reading of extensive consumption data, as well as the real-time consumption.


Healthy work environment


The offices dispose of a healthy indoor climate. Apart from the choice for the air conditioning system that contributes to the saving of energy, employees have the possibility of controlling the climate according to their personal needs. The CO2 concentration at the workplaces is measured continuously and, where required, supplemented with additional fresh air.


The façades of the warehouse were provided with wall-lites that provide for daylight and they were positioned strategically at the centre of every aisle.


Energy saving measures


The building was designed air-tight as a result of which as much heat (or cold) as possible remains inside. BREEAM opted for a VAV system (Variable Air Volume system) in combination with an air-heat pump. This VAV system uses free cooling, which means that in case of a low outdoor temperature and an increasing indoor temperature, the offices are cooled with the “free” cool outdoor air, without the intervention of the heat pump.




The main support construction consists of a recyclable steel frame. In consultation with the constructor the correct grid size and optimisation in the steel construction were sought in order to design both as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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