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Starting a renovation wave

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One of the mission critical pathways to reach EU´s goal to reach net zero emissions through Europe’s buildings. Varied in age and style, and so hugely inefficient in their use of energy this contributes towards 36% of the region’s emissions. The EU remains a world leader in its building energy codes, but rapidly scaling deep building renovation to deliver needed emissions savings remains one of the most wickedly complex societal, technical and financial challenges of our time.


This is why the new European Commission has set its sights on creating a ‘Renovation Wave’. Led by cities and companies who have the vision to join the EU’s space race, the renovation wave must be supported at national level by the long-term national renovation strategies governments must deliver under EU law.


As the last decade ended, the BUILD UPON² project hosted a unique European Leaders’ Summit to begin building the commitment to make the wave a reality. This short report highlights how leaders are committing to a net zero emissions building stock.