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Greece earmarks EUR 850 million for energy efficiency, prosumers

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Image by analogicus from Pixabay

Original source: Balkan Green Energy News / Author: Vladimir Spasić

The Greek government has prepared an EUR 850 million program for energy efficiency in the private buildings sector, including incentives for the use of renewable energy for self-consumption and the introduction of solutions for smart homes.

The idea is to introduce energy saving measures in 60,000 households per year until 2030, local media reported. The government will subsidize up to 85% of each investment while the maximum amount per household will be EUR 50,000, according to the Institute of Energy for South-East Europe.


The start of the program is planned for this fall, while similar measures could be introduced for public buildings, tourism, and industry in the next phase.


The program envisages basic energy saving measures like insulation improvements, but also investments in the energy autonomy of buildings such as the installation of solar photovoltaic systems, and energy storage. The scheme will also support installing charging points for electric vehicles, as well as smart energy management systems, such as smart lighting and the remote control of heating and cooling.


“This program is just the beginning. But we want it to be a good start and to signal the increased emphasis on energy saving actions that are now being given a boost at the European level”, said Greek Energy Minister Kostis Hatzidakis.


He expects the program to be a boost for the entire economy, especially the construction industry.


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