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Tall Buildings Conference - online

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COVID-19 UPDATE: On Tuesday 22 September, the UK Government announced that business events and conference centres are no longer able to open on 01 October as planned. Although disappointing news, we have liaised with all our fantastic, confirmed speakers and are happy to confirm that we are still committed to delivering the conference on 18 November 2020, albeit in a virtual format.


Tall buildings present unique challenges in terms of both design and construction. Their sheer scale demands that particular attention is paid simultaneously to strategic and detailed issues. Back by popular demand - Tall Buildings Conference taking place on 18 November 2020 as a virtual event is intended to assist engineers in understanding the common challenges associated with transferring standard engineering principles and knowledge from low-rise structures to tall buildings.


Tall Buildings Conference will highlight design and building technology innovation in the UK high-rise sector – facilitating learning and knowledge transfer plus providing a platform for discussion and debate.


The event is aimed at: major city developers, investors, local authorities, and architects, engineer and contractors that are focusing on the delivery of tall buildings. 

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