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WEBINAR| Introducing hybridGEOTABS - Comfort supplied in a sustainable way!

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Join the webinar: "Introducing hybridGEOTABS - Comfort supplied in a sustainable way!" on 25th November 10am-12noon CET

Webinar description

Providing very comfortable and healthy buildings in an energy-efficient, sustainable and financially viable way, and ready to play in the smart grid?

hybridGEOTABS buildings offer huge potential to meet the key goals for buildings in the European green deal. Building-integrated radiant heating and cooling systems and geothermal heat pumps are a match made in heaven, enabling very high energy efficiencies and the flexibility of thermal storage, while providing freedom of space and high thermal comfort to the user.


The hybrid combination of this GEOTABS concept with additional systems, enlarges the application field to a variety of mid-size and large buildings throughout Europe.


The smart controller (a Model Predictive Controller) continuously optimises the real-life building performance and can govern the interaction with renewables and the grid. This training introduces the hybridGEOTABS concept and its key assets and is accessible for everyone fascinated by sustainable building.



Ideal for everyone interested in sustainable and comfortable buildings, targeting stakeholders in the wide building and energy sector: building owners and managers, building and energy professionals (e.g. architects, HVAC- and control-engineers, contractors), policy-makers, researchers, architecture and engineering students...


  • What is hybridGEOTABS? - Wim Boydens, Boydens Engineering (20 mins)
  • hybridGEOTABS - Comfort & Health - Ongun Berk Kazanci, Danish Technical University and Rick Kramer, Maastricht University (20 mins)
  • hybridGEOTABS & Sustainability - Eline Himpe / Jelle Laverge, Ghent University (20 mins)
  • What you need to know about MPC! - Damien Picard, University of Leuven (20 mins)
  • Cost and Benefits: People-Planet-Profit - Lukas Ferkl, Czech Technical University & UCEEB (25 mins)
  • Conclusions/Q&A - Wim Boydens (15 mins)
Duration - 2 hours

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Do you want to learn more about hybridGEOTABS?


Register to the second Webinar on "Designing hybridGEOTABS - Comfort supplied in a sustainable way!" that will take place on 17th December - 10:00-12:45 CET


The training is targeting building and/or HVAC-designers (architects, HVAC-engineers), architecture and engineering students.



  • The hybridGEOTABS concept unravelled (30 mins)
  • hybridGEOTABS design principles (50 mins)
  • Tools for feasibility study and pre-design (40 mins)
  • MPC for HVAC-engineers (20 mins)
  • Conclusions / Q&A (25 mins)

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This training is an outcome of an intensive collaboration between building and HVAC-designers, industry and academia throughout the EU in the hybridGEOTABS project (2016-2020) that is funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme.

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