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5th Annual Conference of the Portuguese Association of Energy Economics APEEN 2021

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The detailed programme of the APEEN2021 conference is available, please check it here


The 5th Annual Conference of the Portuguese Association of Energy Economics (APEEN) is fully dedicated to all aspects of the Energy Transition and Sustainability.


Climate change and sustainability are challenging energy systems to new levels of innovation, in terms of technology, regulation and social values.


The 5th APEEN conference aims to join leading academic scientists, researchers, innovators and business and social stakeholders, through an interdisciplinary context to present, share and discuss the most recent experiences, research results, innovations and ideas around the multiple themes on Energy Transition and Sustainability.


It aims to strengthen ties among academia, industry, regulators, authorities and policy makers, as a contribution to achieve sustainable and carbon neutral energy systems.


The 5th Annual APEEN Conference is organized by CENSE (Center for Environmental and Sustainability Research) from NOVA School of Science and Tecnhology.




APEEN2021 will cover the following topics:


  • Renewable energy sources and technologies
  • Energy storage
  • Energy security and sustainability
  • Technologies for carbon neutrality
  • Energy-efficient and sustainable buildings
  • Energy efficiency in industry
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Energy systems modeling
  • Energy systems resilience to climate change
  • Energy communities and prosumers
  • Energy sustainability in cities, including supply chain
  • Natural resources and materials for energy systems
  • Energy indicators for sustainability
  • Environmental impacts of energy systems
  • Digital technologies for sustainable energy systems
  • Artificial intelligence and big data for energy transition
  • Public policies and smart regulation for sustainable and carbon neutral energy system
  • Energy economics and markets
  • Energy Transition financing
  • Energy Poverty
  • Social aspects of energy transition
  • Policy, education, and legal aspects of energy transition
  • Energy for sustainable development
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