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It’s Not Just a Façade… A Not So Conventional Approach to Creating Energy Efficient, Comfortable Homes

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by Mark Douglas Wessel


In principle, the idea of retrofitting homes to net zero sounds appealing enough. But the cost of implementing deep energy upgrades that might cost 45-60,000 Euro per home has long been a non-starter whether you’re an individual homeowner at one end of the scale… or manage thousands of rental units at the other. At either end of the spectrum, the potential long-term energy savings are often trumped by the up-front costs.


Historically, the home renovation industry has taken somewhat of piecemeal, reactive approach to home renovations, tackling everything from small jobs like replacing a door or window to larger projects like putting on a new roof, based on the short-term needs (e.g., you can’t close the window; the roof is leaky). But Energiesprong (...)


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