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WINDOWS environment for the ESPII Fortran program which estimates the energy consumption of buildings using the ASHRAE Response Factor Method. BEAVER building energy simulation provides for user friendly input of data, processing and viewing of the results. BEAVER estimates the energy consumption of a building hourly over a given period of time taking into account the site location, the building structure and the type of building services installed to maintain the desired environmental conditions. It enables a designer to investigate alternatives and make energy comparisons quickly and effectively for a very wide range of building configurations and air conditioning systems using actual measured climatic data. A comprehensive range of air handling systems, primary plant and control strategies enable the modelling of a wide range of building services �SYSTEMS�. Numerous plant items can be individually scheduled so that fans, coils, thermostats, outside air cycles, chillers, boilers, heat exchangers, energy recording meters can all have their own operating times. The program can be used in Southern and Northern latitudes.