Energy Performance Contracting

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Energy performance contracting in social housing: France, Italy, United Kingdom and Bulgaria - A feedback report from the FRESH project

Lack of adapted funding is a major barrier to the energy retrofitting of social housing in Europe.

The Energy Performance Contract (EPC) model may help to overcome this obstacle by involving an Energy Service Company (ESCO) as Third Party...


Les contrats de performance énergétique (en France)

Rapport à Madame Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, Ministre de l’écologie, du développement durable, des transports et du logement Par Olivier Ortega, Avocat associé, Lefèvre Pelletier & associés
Les contrats de performance énergétique en France Etat des lieux -Les freins juridiques -Les freins économiques -Les freins techniques Recommandations -Développer les actions d’information sur les contrats de performance...

Contrat de Performance Energétique Public Privé 2011

En 2011, les projets de Contrat de Performance Energétique en Contrat de Partenariat prennent un nouveau souffle : nouveaux projets, nouveaux entrants, nouvelles technologies… Les chantiers se précisent et se sophistiquent pour s’intégrer par...
Array Tirer les enseignements des projets pionniers et intégrer les innovations pour accroître la rentabilité

Guide du contrat de performance énergétique

This guide from the French Government (General Commission for Sustainable Development) is intended to inform the public actors who wish to implement Energy Performance Contracting in public buildings.

France: First energy performance contract in the social housing sector

LogiRep, a subsidiary of the Polylogis group, has signed the first energy performance contract (CPE) for social housing in France for designing, modernising and extending a social housing development in Vitry-sur-Seine (southern suburbs of Paris)...
The project will guarantee 40% reduction in real energy consumption and will cut greenhouse gas emissions by a factor of 4. Worth 9 million euros (4 million euros of energy renovation works and 5 million euros of internal renovation of...

Germany: Jewish Museum Foundation in Berlin selects Johnson Controls for an energy performance contract to reduce energy costs by 26%

Johnson Controls will, under the EPC, renovate the Jewish Museum to improve the energy efficiency of the museum and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Upon completion of the project in 2012, the Jewish Museum is expected to reduce its energy...
The museum’s building complex consists of two different types of architecture.  Part of the complex was designed by world-renowned architect Daniel Libeskind and the other section of the complex consists of a Baroque building, built in...

Financing energy refurbishment in social housing through energy performance contracting? The FRESH project

These slides give an overview of the work carried out in the FRESH project (Intelligent Energy Europe, 2009-2012). It explains how energy performance contracting (EPC) can be used for low energy refurbishment in social housing, in the view of the EU...

Energy Exploitation and Performance Contracting for low income and social housing

This slide presentation from the 8th JRC Workshop on Energy Efficiency in Buildings (2 -3 September 2010, Moscow) provides information about the European Project ECOLISH about the feasibility and the potential of instruments like Energy Exploitation...