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Display “Towards Class A”: The European Award for creative communication campaigns in buildings

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Labelled buildings are talking buildings. Your municipality is “display”ing an energy certificate in its buildings? And, more than that, it has launched a much broader awareness-raising campaign on the energy performance? If so, Energie-Cités’ Display® Campaign team awaits your application to the 2010 TCA Awards. The deadline for applications is 26th March 2010!

No matter the means, messages or materials to be used. What really counts is the applicant’s commitment and originality in communicating the topic to building users and the public.

The six finalists will be invited to personally present their campaign to the international jury on the 28th of April in Salerno (Italy). The official Award Ceremony will take place that same day during the opening night of Energie-Cités’ Annual Rendezvous.

Participation in the Display Campaign is not a precondition for submitting an application.

Click here to access the Application form

About the Display Campaign

JPEG - 16 kbSince 2004 the Display® Campaign has been assisting municipalities to engage with the public and tap into the energy efficiency potential of public buildings. Its success lies in its emphasis on communication. Today there around 400 local authorities and private companies that are using Display® to communicate their buildings’ performances. It is coordinated by the citiesnetwork Energie-Cités and co-financed by the European Commission. Three Display “Towards Class A” Awards have taken place since 2006 “celebrating” the original local communication campaigns of 30 local authorities in 12 European countries.