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The new edition also includes more expert analysis from our sponsors to increase the value of the document as an industry guide, as well as case studies based on clients’ experiences to illustrate how both landlords and tenants can achieve better environmental performance.
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The aim, the Minister said, is to ensure sustainable access to and utilisation of renewable and energy efficient equipment, within the private sector. He indicated that if the pilot is successful, additional resources will be made available, emphasising that "guarantees have been put forward." "That application has been made. We have applied for additional funding from the World Bank for up to US$4.5 million for this and other programmes. We anticipate approval as soon as the current initiatives prove successful," Mr. Robertson stated.
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Notice of Upcoming Funding Opportunity
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The way it works is simple.  Since April, electricity companies have had to pay, by law, for solar electricity produced by homes. This is part of Government’s programme to reduce UK carbon emissions – an enormous 27% of which come from homes. With the Feed-In Tariffs over 25 years a homeowner could earn 5-8% return on their investment in solar power – but the problem is that they still have to find the £ 11 k+ for the initial installation and wait for approximately 10 years to break-even.
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All you need to do is call British Gas and one of their energy experts will come to your home and carry out a free no obligation survey.
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At present urban areas are responsible for 70 to 80% of energy consumption and CO2 emissions in Europe. For this reason, EU initiatives at the local level, such as the Covenant of Mayors, are encouraging towns and cities to take the lead in the fight against climate change.Providing financial and technical assistance
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"These projects will help the United States lead the world in advancing energy-efficient technologies," Secretary Chu said. "Energy-efficient commercial buildings will help our country cut its carbon emissions and energy costs while the training programs will upgrade the skills of the current workforce and attract the next generation to careers in the emerging clean-energy economy."
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Councillor Phil Cutter, Herefordshire Council's energy champion, said: "As fuel costs continue to increase, more and more people are seeking ways to reduce their energy bills. "Last year we issued a record 1,130 SEES grants and a further 1,300 people received grants for loft and cavity wall insulation. "It is wonderful to be able to help so many households and I hope people will take advantage of this new round of grants which will not only reduce their fuel bills but will also reduce the impact their activities have on the environment," he added.
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