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The Concerted Action for the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (CA EPBD), the Concerted Action for the Renewable Energy Sources Directive (CA RES) and the Concerted Action for the Energy Efficiency Directive (CA EED) organised the workshop during January 2020 in Barcelona, to explore synergies in the implementation of these three key pieces of European energy legislation.  
Post date: 19 Mar 2020
Type: Publication

We would like to invite you to the forth webinar of our "Smart City talks" series.    Our “Smart City talks” is a series of 6 webinars that will share the experiences of the Sinfonia pilot cities, exploring best practices and tools for urban energy planning, strategies for citizen engagement and the policy framework. All of it, aspiring to create a sustainable future for citizens and enterprises through the knowledge transfer from experienced actors.  
Post date: 18 Mar 2020
Type: Događanje

Paul McCormack, Project coordinator, tells us more about how the project is supporting the implementation of BIM and driving digital transformation across the EU construction supply chain.   Could you describe the project and its objectives?  
Post date: 17 Mar 2020
Type: Vijesti

BIMcert provides an easily accessible portal for training the vast middle tier of construction industry supply chain professionals of all profiles. The framework and materials supporting the portal is aimed at improving workers’ BIM, sustainable construction and energy efficiency skills, thus leading to better collaborative working that guarantees energy efficient, sustainable buildings and increased quality throughout the entire construction supply chain.  
Post date: 16 Mar 2020
Type: Tool

Europe’s #1 destination for dissemination of research, collaboration, networking and the creation of market opportunities.    Join us for the 8th edition of Sustainable Places!28 - 30 October 2020 / Aix-les-Bains, France  
Post date: 13 Mar 2020
Type: Vijesti

The first set of co-creation workshops organised by the European project HOUSEFUL is right behind the corner: join Spanish and Austrian stakeholders in the housing sector and contribute to the design of more circular and sustainable buildings    
Post date: 5 Mar 2020
Type: Vijesti

Certified HVAC Diagnostics diagnoses how HVAC systems function during normal operation by analysing performance data exported from Building Management and Automation Systems (BMS/BACS). Become an expert so you can: Apply digital algorithms to performance data Develop conclusions and diagnostic recommendations Propose a certified solution that your clients can replicate across their portfolios Typical return on investment < 1 year  
Post date: 4 Mar 2020
Type: Događanje

Please find below an important communication from Eurac about the workshop:   As a consequence of the latest developments of the corona virus outbreak in Northern Italy and after consultation with the local health authorities, Eurac has decided to follow the precautionary measures and cancel all public events, lectures and meetings involving a substantial number of people.  
Post date: 2 Mar 2020
Type: Vijesti

The global Passive House platform  
Post date: 28 Feb 2020
Type: Poveznica

Make your building the star!    Shoot a video of your Passive House project and share it with the world!   Find all the video entries on YouTube: International Mid-year Passive House Open days  
Post date: 27 Feb 2020
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