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Werner Stutterecker

scientific assistant, University of Applied Sciences Burgenland - Fachhochschule Burgenland / Forschung Burgenland (Academia)

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e-nova 2016: Sustainable Technologies conference - Buildings, Energy, Environment

e-nova 2016: International Conference about Sustainable Technologies - Buildings, Energy, Environment   For more than twenty years the Department of Energy and Environmental Management in the University of Applied Sciences...

e-nova 2013 - Sustainable Buildings - International Congress


e-nova International Congress 2012 - Sustainable Buildings

Array About 40 % of the overall energy consumed can be allotted to the building sector. Not only the production and supply of energy but also the construction and deconstruction of the building infrastructure put a strain on our environment. In...

International Congress e-nova 2011

Array The realization of Plus Energy Houses before 2020 is one of the goals of the Building Sector in the European Union. In order to reduce the burden imposed on the environment, energy efficiency of buildings is to be increased, as well as the...