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AFTIB - Association Française de Thermographie Infrarouge dans le Bâtiment

L’objectif de l’AFTIB (Association Française de Thermographie Infrarouge du Bâtiment, l'industrie et la recherche), est de réunir les différents acteurs de la thermographie infrarouge pour promouvoir son utilisation. L’AFTIB réunit les...

IDES-EDU: Master and Post-graduate Education and Training in Multi-disciplinary Teams

Master and Post-graduate Education and Training in Multi-disciplinary Teams Implementing EPBD and Beyond In order to achieve the implementation of the Directive on Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and the 20-20-20 targets set by...
The IDES-EDU project intends to educate, train and deliver specialists implementing EPBD and beyond; it will include both students(Masters course) and professionals( Post Graduate course) working in the building sector.

CIB TG66: Energy and the Built environment - Seminars and Webinars

CIB --the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction- organises a series of seminars and webinars focusing on the "Implementation of Energy Efficient Buildings Policies in 5 Continents"

Global Cool Cities Alliance

Global Cool Cities Alliance will accelerate a world-wide transition to highly reflective, cooler, healthier cities. Its mission is to advance policies and programs that increase the solar reflectance of our buildings and pavements to...


Inspection of HVAC systems through continuous monitoring and benchmarking (ISERV)     iSERV, an Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) project, was designed to show the ability for automatic HVAC system monitoring to reduce energy use in...


EnPROVE is financially supported by the European Commission under the 7FP
EnPROVE is a European project with the objective of developing a software model for predicting the energy consumption of buildings, with different scenarios, implementing energy - efficient technologies and control solutions, based on...

SCI - Sustainable Construction & Innovation through Procurement

About the Network The Network for Sustainable Construction and Innovation through Procurement is a growing European network of public authorities working together to: Find new, sustainable construction solutions, and Encourage...
The SCI-Network connects public authorities looking to procure innovative and sustainable solutions within their construction projects. The SCI-Network aims to: * jointly identify new construction solutions, and * examine how best...

TightVent Europe

The TightVent Europe “Building and Ductwork Airtightness Platform” was launched on January 1, 2011. It aims at facilitating exchanges and progress on building and ductwork airtightness issues, including the production and dissemination of...

Energy Community

In general, the Energy Community extends the EU internal energy market to South East Europe and beyond on the ground of legally binding framework. It thereby provides a stable investment environment based on the rule of law, and ties the...
The Energy Community, represented by the Energy Community Secretariat, tenders for consultancy services with the objective to help the Contracting Parties of the Energy Community implement the Directive 2010/31/EU on the energy performance...

How to Make Your Home More Efficient

Simple tips to stop wasting energy and lower your energy bill.

Berlin Energy Agency

The Berliner Energieagentur is a modern energy service company located in Berlin. As part of our three business divisions Consulting, Contracting and International Know-how Transfer we develop and realize innovative projects that reduce...

Updated construction details for 4 construction types - MININFIL project

Because air leaks in building envelopes are incompatible with low-energy buildings, one major objective of the MININFIL project (funded in the framework of the French PREBAT programme) was to develop a series of guides to help building...


The PROMETHEUS project, which has been running from June 2009 and will continue until May 2012 with the financial support of the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme, aims to help enterprises- especially SMEs- to strengthen their position...

Réglementation applicable aux chaudières

This series of web pages describes the implementation of the inspection of boilers in the French regulation.

L'inspection périodique des systèmes de climatisation

This series of web pages describes the implementation of the inspection of air conditioning systems in the French regulation.

CEMBUREAU, the European cement association

CEMBUREAU, the European Cement Association based in Brussels, is the representative organisation of the cement industry in Europe. The Association acts as spokesperson for the cement industry before the European Union institutions and...
CEMBUREAU, based in Brussels, is the representative organisation of the cement industry in Europe. Today CEMBUREAU includes 28 Members (27 Full Members and 1 Associate Member). Currently, its Full Members are the national cement industry...

German Ventilated Cladding Association - Fachverband Baustoffe und Bauteile für vorgehängte hinterlüftete Fassaden e.V. (FVHF)

FVHF represents construction products from Austria, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Switzerland like: •    cladding as metals, minerals, ceramics and plastics (-compounds), •    mineral insulation (rock and glass wool), •    fixings (...
The German Cladding Association is a non-profit incorporated society of European producers of kits and components for ventilated claddings and construction companies, façade engineers and testing institutes. Most of the members are SMEs....

European Facade Network

A new facade network for experts have been set. EFN is a meeting point for Science, Technology and Industry about research, teaching and exchange on facade knowledge.

Cool Roofs project

Some of the results of the project include: Creation of the European Cool Roofs Council (ECRC) and compilation of ECRC’s Action and Strategic Plan Five cool roofs pilot studies to serve as examples of cool roofs benefits, a database of...
A cool roof is a roofing system that is characterised by high solar reflectance and high infrared emittance and delivers cooling energy and financial savings, improved thermal comfort conditions, mitigates heat islands and reduces air...

Towards Class A Award Winners Gallery launched

The objective of this gallery is to present the best contestants of previous 4 Display/Towards Class award competitions by generating an attractive poster summarising the main activities carried out, the highlights and results and finally...