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Limburg isoleert!

‘Limburg isoleert’ (Limburg insulates) is a campaign organised by the province of Limburg (Belgium), Steunpunt Dubolimburg and Infrax. It's a network campaign with a simple but ambitious goal: to insulate all the existing buildings (homes...

Proceedings of the PLEA 2009 Conference "Architecture Energy and the Occupant's Perspective" - Quebec - 22-24 June 2009

The 26th international conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture (PLEA2009) explores the quest for passive and low energy architecture through the occupants’ perspective at the urban and building scales. In the current context of...
This link goes to the full online Proceedings of the PLEA 2009 Conference (26th International Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture ) that was held in Quebec City on 22-24 June 2009 on the theme "Architecture Energy and the...

Rural Energy Day

The first Rural Energy Day will bring together those committed to the well-being of Europe's countryside and to a clean EU energy mix. The event includes a summer barbeque and rural fair in the heart of EU Brussels at Parc leopold behind...

Glass For Europe

GLASS FOR EUROPE is the trade association for Europe’s manufacturers of flat glass. Flat glass goes into a variety of end-products such as windows and façades for houses and buildings. Glass products are essential to energy-efficient...

Certification Energétique en Région Wallonne

This Website describes how energy audits and energy certificates are established. It also explain what it is with particular considerations regarding the regional regulations in Belgium.
Presentation of One of the Major Energy Certification Company active in the Walloon Region and the Brussels Region.

Samsø Energy Academy

Samsø has a new attraction – the Samsø Energy Academy close to the picturesque harbour village and tourist magnet Ballen. Samsø has amassed a great deal of concrete experiences with the implementation of a broad variety of local renewable...
Samsø has amassed a great deal of concrete experiences with the implementation of a broad variety of local renewable energy project, from wind turbines to CO2 neutral district heating plants, rapeseed oil tractors and solar energy panels....

High energy efficient schools in the Mediterranean

Multi-issues platform utilized as an interactive Network for technical regulations management, technologies’ data base and dissemination of best practices. Teenergy Schools will set up an Action Plan and a common Strategy based on the...

CYCLECO - Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) services

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a technique of quantification of environmental performances on products or services. It enables to communicate your efforts and to reach your objectives. CYCLECO has an expertise in 3 axes : 1) The...

Bouwdetails - Building details for Passive House buildings

The website contains a series of building details for application in passive houses

Urbact II Working Group Hopus – Housing Praxis for Urban Sustainability

The challenge set out by the Leipzig Charter may seem vast; nevertheless, it is only through joint efforts that we can truly aspire to better new housing developments – good, green, safe, and affordable – which will eventually give birth...


Energie+ est un outil d´information développé par Architecture & Climat (UCL) et réalisé dans le cadre du Programme Responsable Energie de la Région wallonne. Il a pour objectif d´aider les gestionnaires de bâtiments tertiaires à...

USE Efficiency - Universities and Students for energy Efficiency

The IEE USE Efficiency project intends to create a common stream for energy efficiency systems in university buildings. Universities and students are proposed as shining examples both for energy efficiency solutions and for energy...

Certified European Passive House Designer (CEPH) project

The aim of the CEPH project is the establishment of the first intense training course for passive house designer on European level. This training course enables the participants, after the passing of an exam, to obtain the certificate of...

Window Energy Rating Scheme - WERS (Australia)

WERS rates the energy impact of windows in housing anywhere in Australia. With up to 40% of a home’s energy for cooling or heating being lost or gained through windows, improving their thermal performance reduces energy costs and...
The website contains information on how to rate Windows in Australia.

Energy Star: Windows, Doors and Skylight

On the following webpage you can realise the way that window replacement has been approached. Basic guidelines on how you can save money are available.
US System to save money by chosing the right product P.S.: It is not only on fenestration market but we will focus on this section

Let's speak sustainable construction

The European Concrete Platform working together with the Architects Council of Europe believed it valuable to gather together these terms and establish a ‘working’ glossary of the concepts currently in use in a concise, easily...
Project overview In response to the need for more sustainable construction, new concepts, phrases, terms and expressions are being used in the construction industry across Europe. These concepts are aimed at improving the environmental,...

A 100% solar-heated multi-family building in Switzerland

This web page offers several documents for free download providing information about a 100% solar-heated residential building in Oberburg (Switzerland). It includes eight dwellings built around a 205 m3 water tank (4 m diameter, 17 m...

Pro domo legno

pro domo legno is a project to promote the culture of timber houses in Italy. It's managed by Koelnmesse Srl (the Italian branch of Cologne Fair) and powered by BDF (the German Association of Premanufactured Timber Buildings). With...
pro domo legno is a project to promote the culture of timber houses in Italy. www.prodomolegno.it

European Aluminium Association AISBL

The European Aluminium Association (EAA) represents the aluminium industry in Europe, encompassing primary aluminium producers, downstream manufacturers, producers of recycled aluminium and national aluminium associations. Through...


WinDat aims to make available and freely distribute a European software tool (WIS) for the calculation of the thermal and solar properties of commercial and innovative window systems on the basis of known component properties and thermal...