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Energia i Budynek

Energia i Budynek is a monthly journal issued by the Association of Energy Auditors ZAE. It covers topics related to energy saving in buildings.

Association of Energy Auditors ZAE

Zrzeszenie Audytorów Energetycznych (ZAE) is an association that facilitates cooperation between energy auditors and others interested in energy auditing and energy efficiency.

Build with CaRe

Build with CaRe (carbon reduction) is a European partnership that recognises the enormous potential for cost-effective energy savings in the building sector. We strive to make energy efficient building design the mainstream. We will...

Fraunhofer Institute for Buildings Physics

The Fraunhofer Institute of Building Physics IBP deals with research, development, testing, demonstration and consulting in the fields of building physics. This includes noise control, sound insulation measures in buildings, optimization...

Energy Management Register

The site is designed for anyone whose job is to save energy at work. It provides free guidance on heating, air conditioning, lighting, compressed air, motor-driven equipment, etc., and advice and information on energy management techniques...
Free technical information, advice and resources for the energy manager

Slideshow: Green Roofs are Changing Architecture and Planning

Green roofs are not new; they have been used for thousands of years because they helped insulate, thrived in the sun instead of rotting, and other than the increased structure, they were cheap, etc. Green roofs came into their own early in...
Slideshow with green roofs from various countries around the world.

The Green Destination: Essential Information for Green Building

Delmar, Cengage Learning and the International Code Council (ICC) have worked together to producing a Green Building Portal, helping the construction market reinvent itself in the age of "Green Building" by providing pertinent information...

UK Green Building Council

A membership organisation, consisting of businesses, NGOs, academic institutions and government agencies from across the building industry. Members approach sustainability not only as a challenge, but as an opportunity and are committed...

BINE Informationsdienst – Energieforschung für die Praxis

Informationstransfer aus der Forschung in die Praxis BINE Informationsdienst hat den Auftrag, den Informations- und Wissenstransfer aus der Energieforschung in die Anwendungspraxis zu unterstützen. BINE wird vom Bundesministerium für...
BINE Informationsdienst berichtet über Themen der Energieforschung: Dabei geht es um neue Materialien, Systeme und Komponenten, um innovative Konzepte und Methoden und es werden die Lerneffekte vermittelt beim Einsatz neuer Technologien in...

IG Passivhaus Österreich

Ziel der IG Passivhaus Österreich ist es gemäß den sehr ambitionierten Vorgaben des Europäischen Parlaments den Passivhausstandard bis 2011 in Österreich als erstes Land Europas als allgemeinen Standard zu etablieren. So kann der...
The IG Passivhaus Österreich is the Austrian interest group on passive houses.


With this blog we try to make training and information on green building and sustainability of buildings, sharing experiences and we will do in scientific research. The goal is to reach a number as large as possible of people,...
Training and information on energy saving and environmental comfort in buildings

European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (eceee)

legislation on energy efficiency in buildings, Eco-design EuP Directive, Energy Labelling Directive, Energy Services Update, Community News and updates on eceee activities such as the bi-annual Summer Study and Proceedings.
eceee is the largest membership-based independent NGO promoting energy efficiency in Europe. eceee fully supports the European Commission with its efforts to tap into the full energy efficiency potential of the European building stock....

Communications Manager

We manufacture the most efficient thermal break connections available anywhere in the world. The use of our ThermConX thermal break connections are essential in order to have any hope of coming close to meeting the guidelines for the...

Energy Efficiency News on Building Design and Maintenance

The selected link leads specifically to the Building Design and Maintenance topics of Energy Efficiency News.
Energy Efficiency News is published by Afion Media Ltd, an independent science and technical publisher, based in Cheltenham, UK. It seeks to provide a comprehensive, authoritative source of information in the energy efficiency sector. The...

PLUGme: Harness your Energy

Adaptive Portal for Energy analytics and Green ICT Services and measurement of energy use even by appliance


Trouver des fournisseurs d'électricité et de gaz, devenir producteur d'électricité solaire, suivre le secteur de l'olien... Découvrez nos infos pratiques et témoignez sur nos forums!

Nextville.it - Energia rinnovabile e risparmio energetico - Renewable energy and energy efficiency

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Provides all the pertinent information on renewable energies and energy efficiency in a hands-on, plain Italian mode. Breaks complex technical information down to easily manageable concepts. Includes the continuous monitoring of incentive...

EFONET - Energy Foresight Network

The ultimate objective of the EFONET Project is to provide the European Commission (EC) with inputs for the formulation, review and evaluation of European energy strategies. The current energy vision of the EU is based on three core...
The EFONET FP7 Coordination Action addresses Task 9.2.1 Energy foresight network. The EFONET Project aims at providing policy relevant input to the EC, notably in relation with the review of the EU Energy Strategy, the establishment of the...


Attualmente sono associate a COGENA n. 41 Imprese con un fatturato complessivo di oltre  500  Milioni di Euro e sono rappresentate le: Imprese operanti nel settore della costruzione, distribuzione e impiantistica di apparati per la...
Ascomac Cogena rappresenta le imprese operanti nei settori della costruzione e distribuzione di impianti di cogenerazione e servizi per l'energia.


The BEST RESULT project aims to develop a working strategy to extend the market of small scale RES applications in the building and energy sector through common and local activities addressing RES suppliers and consumers. All activities...
The first step towards improvement of technical knowledge and consequent extension of small scale RES market is the training of people involved in the supply chain of RES in the building and energy sector, thus creating a deeper knowledge...