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A new image for the IEE programme

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The Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI) unveiled today the new visual identity of the Intelligent Energy – Europe (IEE) programme. "With only ten years to meet the EU 2020 energy policy targets, and half-way through the programme's lifespan, the time has come for the IEE programme to have a new, recognisable and attractive visual identity. The new identity will be a key asset for the promotion and dissemination of best intelligent energy practices across Europe" said Patrick Lambert, Director of the EACI, which manages the programme on behalf of the European Commission. The new IEE logo, slogan and graphic style are inspired by the notion that various elements need to come together to build a sustainable energy future for Europe and its citizens.
The new visual identity gives new impetus to the programme and its focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency – which remains today more relevant than ever.
The previous IEE logo will be phased out and replaced by the new visual identity in all information and promotional materials produced in the framework of the IEE programme.
Journalists are invited to get a glimpse of the new IEE visual identity on the IEE website [] and to see it firsthand at the European Info Day in Brussels on 18 January 2011.