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BEAM 21: Blended capacity-building on sustainable energy measures & action plans for European municipalities

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BEAM 21 is a capacity building initiative that will explore the synergy between e-government and intelligent energy concepts. The project will develop, test & provide blended (i.e. real and virtual) training sessions to local authorities and other relevant stakeholders (businesses, NGOs) on a range of topics including e-government, procurement, energy saving and renewable energy sources. This multi-lingual training component should contribute to enable local and regional authorities to elaborate or complement their sustainable energy plans.
The sustainability of the action will be ensured by the inclusion of the capacity-building activities in perennial competences centres, able to perform and enhance the contents and approach on a longer-term basis. The project will be implemented by a partnership including 14 partners from 9 countries, 6 of them from Central and Eastern Europe (DE, FR, AT, BG, RO, LT, LV, PL, CZ).
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