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Homeowner reactions to ten different implementations of the EPBD

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After a lot of hard work, the Ideal EPBD project has just published two extensive reports discussing the investigation of home owner reactions to the implementation of the EPBD in ten countries (see www.ideal-epbd.eu/downloads). One of the reports discusses the results of over a hundred in-depth interviews with home owners that were done in Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Latvia and Portugal. The other report discusses the results of the home owner survey in Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. In the end, the survey collected responses from 3207 home owners. Both studies made abundantly clear how hard it is to actually find home owners who have an EPC and are aware of this fact. The results of the survey show how this awareness matters; for instance, homeowners that were aware of not only their EPC but also of the recommendations in that EPC, were more likely to have carried out energy efficiency renovations. However, the EPC on its own is unlikely to influence whether home owners will purchase a dwelling or carry out improvements. Do read the (summaries of) the reports to find out more! 

The last part of the Ideal EPBD project is the "translation" of all earlier results into policy recommendations. Several opportunities are coming up to discuss this part of the project, such as the national workshops we are organizing and the ECEEE summer study. Untill then, we would really like to hear any questions, comments or suggestions about the project or the results. What do you think will have to be the ultimate policy instrument to trigger energy efficient renovations? What role(s) could the EPC play in this? 

Homeowner reactions to ten different implementations of the EPBD