Why is it important that building certification and plant inspection is undertaken in an independent manner?

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If the EPBD is to achieve its objectives, it is of considerable important that prospective building purchasers or tenants are able to have confidence in energy performance certificates, plant inspection and the accompanying reports and recommendations.

Major investment decisions and property transactions will be based upon recommendations made by the EPBD Independent Experts.  There are important issues of consumer protection and a major risk of fraud if the requirements of Articles 7, 8 and 9 are not undertaken in an independent manner.

Furthermore, Section 10 of the Recitals to the EPBD states that calculating the energy performance of buildings must be "carried out by qualified and/or accredited experts, whose independence is to be guaranteed on the basis of objective criteria".  Recital 10 also states that "This will contribute to a level playing field as regards efforts made in Member States to energy saving in the buildings sector and will introduce transparency for prospective owners or users with regard to energy performance in the community property market".

Author:  David STRONG (BRE)

Date:   22/03/06