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Green Building - Bio-Planet supermarket in Leuven

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Bio-Planet Leuven, a “Green” supermarket. Photo: bioplanet

Bio-Planet Leuven, a “Green” supermarket. Photo: bioplanet

The Bio-Planet store in Leuven has undergone a thorough overhaul to reduce energy demand, implement new energy efficient technologies and generate energy on-site from the sun.

Bio-Planet supermarket in Leuven: a green building with impressive sustainable energy credentials to match the ecological products it sells.

Initial situation: A functioning supermarket; an already fairly efficient store – no open freezers for example – had to halve its energy consumption after finding that refrigeration was responsible for a 60% of all electricity use. Electric lighting counted for another fifth.

Measures: Cold-storage areas made more compact, better insulated, and better situated, and implementing natural light instead of the previously used artificial light, introducion of motion detectors and replacing old inefficient bulbs. Heat recovery from ventilation and a more efficient central cooling unit were introduced.

Benefits/ Results: As a result, energy consumption is about 80% less than in a traditional supermarket. Solar panels on the facade and roof cover 90% of the remaining electricity needs. Inaugurated in October 2010, this trendsetting passive supermarket will be carefully monitored until end of 2012.

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Project conclusions: For the supermarket project solar energy is the perfect renewable because most of the energy is generated when it is most needed: during daytime in summer. The facade panels also helpfully act as solar shading.

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