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Cebit 2012: Saving Energy through ICT

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The European Commission exhibition booth in the "Smarter Living" area showed results of European collaborative projects the EU is financing from its research as well as from its policy support programme. CeBIT is the digital industry´s biggest, most international event and took place March 6-10, 2012.

Here is a brief summary of what some of the projects presented:

Pebble Project:   Visitors were able to interact with a scale-model of a neighbourhood (buildings and homes) equipped with real sensors and actuators, an interactive game guided visitors to make control decisions in order to save energy.
SMARTCODE Project:  There was a house represented by its real devices (e.g. a washing machine and a refrigerator) connected via LED stripes to illustrate the flow of energy.
eSESH Project:  Visitors were able to interact with the energy management system to place orders and see its impact on energy consumption. To complement these research prototypes the booth included the smart meters and the energy management systems that are being deployed actually in social houses (e.g. in Molins, France and in Linz, Austria).
ICT4E2B Forum:  Visitors had the possibility to actively contribute and validate the most promising research domains in the area of ICT for energy efficiency.  The aim of this booth was to illustrate, via interactive games, the EU commitment to reduce energy use by 20% by 2020. Current statistics show this target will be very difficult to reach without a proper change in European citizens behaviour.

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The CeBIT Expo (German: for Centrum für Büroautomation, Informationstechnologie und Telekommunikation - "Center for Office Automation, Information Technology and Telecommunication") is the world's largest and most international computer expo. CeBIT is held each year on the world's largest fairground in Hanover, Germany, and is a barometer of the state of the art in information technology.