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Medeinos 31 - Certified Passive semi-detached dwelling house in Kaunas

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The first passive certified semi-detached house in Lithuania!

In July 2012, Kaunas district, the Academy campus, the construction of the first passive house in Lithuania meeting the requirements of semi-detached house, with,, Passivhaus Institut'' certificate.

Medeinos 31 project aims to demonstrate that the implementation of the passive house projects in Lithuania as possible and that this is the only solution to rising energy prices. The idea is to deny the myth that build a passive house is very expensive and that the house unfit Lithuanian climatic conditions.

In order to dispel the rumors and myths that have ensnared the passive house concept in Lithuania, this project seeks to answer all your questions, supply approved and expert-based information as well as familiarize you with the passive house advantages and benefits.

Medeinos 31 - low-energy building. One of the main conditions - heating energy consumption does not exceed 15 kWh per square meter per year. Compared to conventional residential houses is 7-10 times lower power consumption, while at the same time and the disbursement of money. At current prices of single-family home heating cost about Lt 700 a year. Better living conditions are achieved in the field of technology news - excellent for the heat insulation and inside the house used for innovative solutions is a big step toward energy independence.

This building is certificated in " Passivhaus Institut'' and meets all the requirements for such structures.

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