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Presentations available from conference on ETICS (External Insulation Composite Systems)

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On March 18 and 19th 2013, 120 participants attended the international conference in Vienna on External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS) organised by EUMEPS. The presentations from this masterclass are available through this link.

Users, planners, architects and real estate developers from 20 countries participated in the meeting of international experts in the Vienna Imperial Riding School Hotel. In the meeting organised by EUMEPS, the European Association of Manufacturers of EPS insulation, the latest developments in the field of thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) with EPS insulation were discussed. ETICS is one of the fastest growing facade constructions, playing a dominant role in realising energy efficiency in new buildings and existing buildings through renovation. In a two day programme, top European ETICS experts provided a thorough briefing on all relevant actual topics related to this application such as: market and product developments, technology, processing, fire protection, cost optimality, architecture, ecology and recycling.