Informing and advising final consumers: Core Theme Series Report CAESDII/CTSR/6.1

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This report summarises the work carried out during the first year of the Concerted Action for the Energy Services Directive II (CA ESD) on informing and advising final consumers (citizens and small and medium enterprises). Information and communication is essential in order to fulfil the obligations of the ESD. However, it is difficult to inform and advice the target groups in ways that are understood by the final consumers. Energy efficiency in itself is not always of highest interest among them. A number of key issues in order to bridge the difficulties is found and described within this report.

This report looks at Article 7 of the Energy Services Directive (ESD), which states that Member States shall ensure that greater efforts are made to promote energy end-use efficiency and that appropriate information and advice is provided to final consumers. Citizens as well as small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) should be supported to make better informed decisions with regards to individual energy consumption and to change their behaviour accordingly.



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