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What future for boilers inspection?

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Work in progress about the recast of the EPBD shows that the requirements for the inspection of boilers shall probably change.

The proposal for the recast of the EPBD by the European Commission (13 November 2008) as well as the European Parliament legislative resolution of 23 April 2009 give trends about these possible changes.

  1. Regular inspection of boilers of more than 20 kW could become a regular inspection of heating systems, with an assessment of the boiler efficiency and of its sizing compared to the heating requirements of the building.
  2. The European Commission proposed to extend this inspection to all fuels. European Parliament would prefer that the inspection continues to be mandatory only for systems using non-renewable liquid or solid fuels.
  3. For systems with a boiler of more than 100 kW, inspection frequency could be fixed by the Directive (just like now). For smaller systems, Member States could be asked to consider the ratio between the inspection costs and the energy cost savings to decide about the inspection frequency.
  4. The existing option of article 8 b allowing Member States, instead of regular inspection, to ensure "the provision of advice to users on the replacement of boilers, other modifications to the heating system and on alternative solutions" could be considered as a derogation to regular inspection, with rules about what happens if the report of equivalence that has to be provided by Member States is not found as convincing by the European Commission.
  5. The revised Directive could describe the content of the inspection report and require that it is given by the inspector to the owner or tenant.
  6. European Parliament asked that inspection may be suspended where an electronic monitoring and control system is in place.

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What future for boilers inspection?