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The Implementation of Energy Efficient Buildings Policies: an International Comparison - CIB TG66 Energy and the Built Environment

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International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB) Task Group 66: Energy and the Built Environment

This final report gives a structured overview and synthesis of the information gathered throughout the project of the TG66

In the executive summary, there is a rough breakdown of the four different types of energy efficient buildings policies in use and how the background and/or varying factors which influence these policies must be taken into account. The dialogue between developed countries and emerging is also important and the report has suggested to give this priority, especially placing an emphasis on the latter as the developed countries already have active organisations in this field.

The outcome of this task group clearly highlights that the energy challenges in buildings are an issue of concern in all countries involved in this study, but that the roadmaps and actions in the different continents vary widely. Therefore, further international collaboration in the context of CIB or in other networks will surely be needed.

This CIB publication 386 is published on the CIB website and can be downloaded for free there.
In the near future the publication will be available and freely downloadable from the ICONDA®CIBlibrary.