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Atlas of Familly Housing in Serbia

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This study on the energy performance of buildings in Serbia by a group of authors from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, gives a methodologically comprehensive and consistent analysis of the characteristics of family houses in Serbia´s six regions and defines their basic typology.  Building on statistical data, field research and previous professional and academic experiences, the authors have created a highly valuable piece of work, eliciting considerations of how well adapted the Serbian family house is to the current requirements related to efficiency, cost effictiveness, as well as climatic conditions.

Atlas of Familly Housing in Serbia presents the results of the survey in residential dwellings.  This survey accounts for 87.35% of all housing units in Serbia (based on postal house number). The review of family housing gives 5 to 6 representative types for each region and is accompanied by more detailed descriptions and explanations of both general and more specific characteristics of the particular region.


This publication is available in Serbian and English.