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US Department of Energy launches #AskEnergySaver

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To help the US citizens save money by saving energy, the US department of Energy launched #AskEnergySaver -- an online series that gives access to some of the Energy Department’s home energy efficiency experts. During 2014, experts from the Department and our National Labs will be answering energy-saving questions and sharing their advice on ways to improve the comfort in US homes.

This month, they asked the citizens to share their insulation questions. To answer them, they reached out to Iain Walker, a scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s Residential Building Systems Group. With more than 20 of years experience in residential efficiency, Walker focuses on how things like ventilation and air leakage impact a home’s energy use and its indoor air quality.

Questions included topics like:

  • what is better overall, blown-in insulation or sheet rolls?
  • what is the recommended safety clothing for working in a attic that has blown fibreglass insulation?
  • how to insulate a house with concrete walls and low flat roof?
  • can insulation simply be added up or is it necessary to use a vapor barrier?
  • how to insulate the floor above a crawl space

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