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UK draught proofing guide

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Which?, a UK website for testing household products and more, has developed a draught proofing guide that includes varied information such as:

  • What is draught proofing?
  • Draught proofing costs and savings
  • How to draught proof your house
  • Draught proofing sash windows
  • Stop draught with a draught excluder
  • Draught proof your loft hatch
  • Protect pipework from draughts
  • Other draught trouble spots


By draught proofing your home, up to £55 a year can be saved.
On this website one can get also expert tips on installation, find out where in your home there could be heat loss and also learn more about draught excluders. There are practical solutions for draught proofing your home which includes windows, doors, chimneys and pipework.

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