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Hotel DZŪKIJA in Druskininkai. Part of the Grand SPA Lithuania complex

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Hotels, conferencesclinics and spa complex is an outstanding example in Lithuania in recent times, but in the whole independence period. The complex is characterized by social, economic and ecological sustainability. It has been approved with a number of innovative engineering and architectural solutions which, although partly have increased the initial investmenthelps to reduce operating and maintenance costs.

With six different functions of the buildings planned the reconstruction carried out in stages every few years, while the whole complex operates and does not cause any appreciable adverse effect on the urban environmentAll the buildings are basically of complementary uses, thus acting together creates a truly versatile as the city of Druskininkai resort to the needs of health, recreation are accommodation complex. These services are actively used by the residents themselves in Druskininkaiand many of them are reliable, well-organized, encouraging personal development workstation (...)


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