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Loft Town

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Loft town“ -  the first project in Lithuania which combines industrial building architecture and new residential building in such a measure, obtaining a title city within a city. Innovative architectural solutions are adapted to the historical environment creating three different housing types: lofts, apartments and studios, spaces designed for work and creative, accommodated with a private courtyard and outdoor recreational areas.

The positive changes are made all over the district, which covers an area of 4.5 ha: there is already rebuilt about 4400 square meters area of office space and the „Loft Town“ project developing about 15,000 square meters of residential and office space. The conversion of industrial area into high environmental quality polyfunctional territory is beeing successfully developed in several stages. The conversion of the largest industrial building in Vilnius, „Kuro aparatura“, includes not only the reconstruction of the building, but also the development of area, integrating it into the city and increasing it‘s value (...)


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