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PassREg - Solutions Open Source

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The PassREg-Solutions Open Source is a Wiki database providing useful information supporting the local transition to zero energy construction. Inspired by the findings in frontrunner regions (Brussels, Hannover, Tyrol, Heidelberg, Hamburg, Frankfurt), this wiki provides an interactive, continually growing Solutions Open Source (SoS) on Passive House technology and compatible renewable energy supply.


The database contains examples and relevant solutions on topics regarding the regional dissemination of the new emphasis in construction. The information addresses all those concerned in construction: designers, contractors, educators, suppliers and policy makers.


In the database, users can find information on the following topics:


  • Policy
  • Construction
  • Communication
  • Business case & financing
  • Design & consultancy
  • Quality assurance & monitoring



Professionals from the construction sector are welcome to contribute information, adding articles on relevant subjects or developments in the field of nearly Zero Energy Buildings.


The PassREg-Solution Open Source is being developed within PassREg, a project supported by Intelligent Energy Europe triggering the successful implementation of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEBs) throughout the EU.



To access the tool, please visit the relevant PassREg website.