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State of implementation of the Eurocodes in the European Union

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Support to the implementation, harmonisation and further development of the Eurocodes


This Science for Policy Report by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission presents the results of the enquiry on the implementation of the Eurocodes in the EU Member States and Norway, which was performed by DG GROW and DG JRC of the European Commission in 2014-2015.


The analysis of the state of implementation concludes that in 83% of the analysed countries the Eurocodes are implemented; Malta, Portugal and Spain should speed the progress in adoption of National Annexes; Italy and Romania should remove the legal restrictions impeding the implementation of the Eurocodes.


The identified restrictions imposed by existing National Regulations which define technical rules different from the provisions of the Eurocodes, indicate that the CEN requirement for withdrawal of conflicting standards is not enough to guarantee the enforcement of the Eurocodes in countries where the National Regulations introduce directly design rules. There is a need of a Commission Recommendation on the regulatory environment for use of the Eurocodes.



To download the report, please visit the relevant JRC website: