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Renew School project: Video and survey on innovative schools renovation

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Renew-School project

Video and survey on innovative schools renovation with prefabricated wooden elements


In the framework of the RENEW SCHOOL research project ( a video has been developed to show successful examples of school building renovation using prefabricated timber components which integrate several interesting functions and reach high performance levels.


The video is available in several languages on this page, where you can also access an open survey.  This survey is a quick questionnaire where you can express your answers and opinions on this important topic.


By taking part in this survey (only five minutes) your contribution will greatly benefit this european study.


The responses will be anonymously analysed and summary results will then be publish over the next month in the RENEW SCHOOL project, co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Union.


Let’s help to make school renovations more healthy - green - quick and affordable!


Please see relevant information on BUILD UP here about this project.