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Climamed 2017 Conference: “Historical buildings retrofit in the Mediterranean area”

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Energy Retrofit is an extremely interesting challenge for engineers, architects, designers. If we focus our attention on historical buildings the challenge is formidable. On the Mediterranean basin, there are many countries whose historical and cultural heritage is rich, countries where the challenge posed by energy retrofitting is stimulating and, to some extent, necessary.


The energy performance of buildings shall be defined on the basis of methodologies, which include, in addition to thermal characteristics, other factors that play an increasingly important role such as heating and air-conditioning installations, application of energy from renewable sources, passive heating and cooling elements, shading, indoor air-quality, adequate natural light and satisfactory indoor noise level.


Interventions in historical buildings must be carefully designed and defined both for the existence of static and/or historical constraints, both for use requirements, operational, maintenance and cost.


To provide answers to these challenges the 9th CLIMAMED Conference is organized by AiCARR, the Italian Association of Engineers in Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Refrigeration together with AICVF (France), APIRAC (Portugal), ATECYR (Spain) and TTMD (Turkey) .





Indoor and outdoor climate: how to design the retrofit in Mediterranean basin
HVAC systems: equipment performance in historical buildings
Use of renewable energy
Standards for cultural heritage
Cultural heritage and historical buildings: conservation, microclimate and sustainability
Applications of new techniques for HVAC
Case studies





18 july 2016                ~  1st submission call for papers
31 october 2016          ~  abstracts submittal deadline
30  november 2016    ~  abstracts accptance
15 january 2017         ~  complete paper submittal deadline
15 february 2017        ~  acceptance of papers or request for amendments
3 march 2017              ~  submittal deadline for amemded papers
31 march 2017            ~  final acceptance papers