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Reportage photographique de la réalisation d'un projet d'habitation passive

This document shows in several photos the different phases along the construction of an eco-friendly wood frame structure house in Belgium.

Experience on passive cooling techniques for buildings

This paper presents relevant experiences on passive cooling techniques (night ventilation, ground cooling, evaporative cooling, cool roofs, green roofs), showing their potential in mitigating the cooling energy consumption and in improving thermal...
Information paper P193 of the European Project ASIEPI

Análisis de la viabilidad económica de la edificación energéticamente eficiente

Este informe es un trabajo de simulación dinámica del comportamiento energético de varios edificios en diferentes escenarios que, junto con un exhaustivo análisis de la viabilidad económica de las diferentes soluciones comerciales, ha sido la base...
Estudio técnico que soporta los resultados de la publicación "Por activa y por pasiva. Impulsar la edificación de alto rendimiento energético" ( )

Por activa y por pasiva. Impulsar la edificación de alto rendimiento energético

Este informe demuestra la viabilidad económica de diferentes soluciones para conseguir edificios de alta calificación energética y expone qué actuaciones podrían impulsar el mercado de la edificación de alto rendimiento energético en España.

Isolation thermique par l'extérieur - Système enduit sur isolant sur façade existante - Quelques bonnes pratiques

This illustrated memo details the precautions that have to be taken before and during the implementation of an outdoor thermal insulation on an existing building facade.

Efficacité énergétique - Professionnels : connaître ses responsabilités et s'organiser

This booklet is intended to contractors involved in a process of building energy renovation in France. It recalls that, in addition to technical knowledge related to innovative products, the professional must know the overall context of his task:...

Scotland: Further 90000 homes to get insulation

More Scottish homes are to be offered free or discounted insulation this year, it was announced on 21st April 2010. A further 90,000 homes will be offered loft and cavity wall insulation in 10 council areas across Scotland covering the islands,...
It includes the rural parts of Stirling now being done in addition to the original plan for the whole city, the whole of the Orkney Isles and the remaining parts of the Western Isles. The measures will cut average energy bills by £61 a...


We believe that a dialogue among building envelope-community, government researchers, university scientists, consulting professionals, policy makers and industry players continues to be urgently needed to foster understanding and advance innovative...