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A French commercial net zero energy building insulated with straw

This 200 m2 building in Anet, near Dreux, France, is the show-room of a renewable HVAC systems installer. The structure of the building uses wood-frame with insulation by straw bales. Heating is provided by a wood pellets stove and domestic hot...

Synergies between solar shading and HVAC technologies

This article highlights the different characteristics of solar shading which together with other building technologies, especially HVAC systems, have a positive influence on the energy efficiency of buildings.
The way buildings are built today will determine their behaviour for many years. Therefore energy efficiency and sustainable building practices are a must in the construction methods of the 21st century. Solar shading, internal and/or...

Lycée Kyoto Poitiers - The first post-oil high school, using 100% clean energy

This booklet presents the first "100% clean energy" high school in Europe, the Lycée Kyoto in Poitiers, France, built by the Region Poitou-Charentes. The high insulated 16500 m2 building includes a 1000 m3 hot water storage linked to a domestic...

Shading systems - Solar shading for the European climates

This publication explains the role of solar shading systems as energy efficient building solution and their impact on the comfort level of the building users. The study also presents an overview on typology of shading systems, their designing...


This study sponsored by the German organisation "Initiative Erdgas pro Umwelt", which promotes an efficient and environment-friendly use of natural gas, is a comparative assessment of different energy savings measures in existing residential...

Saving energy

Energy saving portal
Saving Energy is a portal for  people who want to contribute to a lower energy consumption and improve energy efficiency.

Report on the building airtightness measurement method in European countries

The fan pressurisation method, described in the European standard EN 13829:2000, is usually used to determine the building airtightness in the context of the regulations on energy performance of buildings. However, this standard describes different...

Thermal Bridges in the EPBD context

This paper was presented at the AIVC conference 2009 in Berlin and is based on the work in the European project ASIEPI (Assessment and Improvement of the EPBD Impact for new buildings and building renovation). It presents three different issues in...
Thermal bridges increase the building energy demand for heating and cooling. For well insulated envelopes and buildings with increased energy efficiency, the influence of thermal bridging on the energy consumption is of major importance....