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The 2016 Commission’s winter package – What’s in for the users?

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On 30 November 2016 the Commission has published a Communication called “Clean Energy for all Europeans”. It includes 3 main goals: Putting energy efficiency first, achieving global leadership in renewable energies and providing a fair deal for consumers. Regarding the latter, the Commission plans to reform the energy market to empower consumers and enable them to be in more control of their choices when it comes to energy. Regulatory changes and the developing decentralised, smart interconnected markets shall make it easier for consumers to generate their own energy, store it, share it, consume it or sell it back to the market. Another aim is to reduce energy poverty, meaning to support the lowest-income households by requiring a share of energy efficiency measures to be implemented as a priority in households affected by energy poverty and in social housing.


Read more about the regulatory proposals and facilitating measures presented in the package here.