HVAC & Lighting solutions - ECTP Technology brochure

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The Energy Efficient Buildings Committee of the ECTP is pleased to present the 5 Technologies brochures published in the framework of the EeB-CA2 CSA.


This technology brochure deals with HVAC & Lighting Solutions and highlights the highly promising innovations from selected co-funded European projects under the 7th Framework Program (FP7).



Deep Green Cooling: Self-regulating cooling system in building
Guided Natural Light, LED Technology and Motion Dectectors with Daylight
Compensation: Advanced low energy lighting solutions
Building Heat Recovery from Ventilation: Self-regulating ventilation system
CommONEnergy: CO2-Gas user for refrigeration systems
Improvement of Heat Exchangers via Nanotechnological Coatings and New Modeling Tools: Significantly reduces energy consumption of HVAC systems


The brochure is available on the ECTP Energy Efficient Buildings Committee website at the following link:


Please contact the ECTP if you wish to have printed copies.