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Passive House in Different Climates

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Passive House in Different Climates. The Path to Net Zero


This book introduces the seven Passive House principles, to help create super-insulated, airtight buildings that require minimal energy use to heat, cool, dehumidify, and ventilate, providing good levels of indoor air quality and year-round comfort. Seventeen case studies in four climate zones---marine, cold and very cold, mixed-dry and hot-dry, and mixed-humid and hot-humid---and in ten countries, show how to achieve net-zero energy regardless of the building’s location or type.


Contents include:


  • Seven Principles of Passive House Design.
  • Applying Passive House Principles in Different Climates.
  • Evolving Passive House Standards 

Part 1: Marine


  • Cohousing for Seasoned Folks Case Study: Cohousing development with six units, Green Hammer, Portland, OR.
  • Orchards at Orenco Case Study: 57 Units of Workforce Housing, Ankrom Moisan Architects, Hillsboro, OR.
  • Renovating a Family Pharmacy Case Study: Retrofit of a pharmacy, Paul McNally, Clonmel, Ireland.
  • The Existing District of Tomorrow Case Study: Retrofit of 153 rowhouses, TeekenBeckersArchitects and Zuyd University, Kerkrade, Netherlands 

Part 2: Cold and Very Cold


  • TAO House Case Study: Single-family dwelling in a cohousing community, NEEDBASED, Taos, NM.
  • Building with Straw Case Study: Single-family home, Createrra, Bad Deutsch, Austria Warren Woods Ecological Field Station Case Study: University of Chicago Laboratory, GOLogic, Three Oaks, MI.
  • Kolla School Case Study: New primary school, Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture, Kungsbacka, Sweden 

Part 3: Mixed-Dry and Hot-Dry


  • Conversion of an 1880s Hay Barn Case Study: Single-family house retrofit, VAND arquitectura, Arcones, Spain.
  • Taller Passivhaus México Case Study: Retrofit of single-family dwelling, Inhab, Mexico City, México.
  • Casa Troni-Brien Case Study: Net-zero single-family dwelling, Arquiambiente, Lo Barnechea, Chile.
  • Library of Villamediana de Iregua Case Study: Public Library, PlayArquitectura, Villamediana, Spain.
  • Adjoining Office and Residential Buildings Case Study: New construction, Schoberl and Poll, Zhouzhuo, China 

Part 4: Mixed-Humid and Hot-Humid


  • A Brooklyn Row House Revived Case Study: Retrofit of a townhouse, Jane Sanders and Build with Prospect, Brooklyn, NY.
  • Mamaroneck EnerPHit House Case Study: Single family retrofit, A.M. Benzing Architects, Mamaroneck, NY.
  • Ivy City Passive Townhouses Case Study: Six townhouses, Zavos Architecture+Design, Washington, D.C.
  • Zero Energy Design House Case Study: New construction, ZedMJ Architects, Iksan, Korea

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