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Passive New York City briefing

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Passive NYC - A snapshot of low energy building opportunities, barriers, & resources


This briefing released by the Building Energy Exchange (BEEx), draws on resources from New York and abroad and from the opinions of those in the city’s passive house community, to better understand the challenges and possibilities of adopting low energy and passive design building standards.


Contents include:


Executive Summary




  • Passive House Basics
  • Current Energy Code Challenges
  • Resiliency & Net Zero

Passive House Principles


  • Energy Codes and Standards
  • Costs
  • Certification Process

New York Passive House Projects




  • High Energy Intensity Buildings
  • Existing Buildings
  • Supply Chain
  • Regulatory Barriers
  • Education

Passive Regulation Survey


Lessons from Brussels


  • BatEx Competition
  • Passive 2015: The Brussels Standard

Path Forward






  • Existing Passive House Projects
  • Anticipated Passive House Projects
  • Passive Design Projects in New York
  • Resources
  • Training
  • Incentive Programmes
  • Financing
  • Zoning







The document can be downloaded from the BEEx website at the link provided below.