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International Social Housing Festival

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from left to right: Egbert de Vries, Director of the Amsterdam Federation of Social Housing Associations, Alice Roegholt, Director of the Museum Het Schip, Sorcha Edwards, Secretary General of Housing Europe, Laurens Ivens, Amsterdam Alderperson responsible for Building and Housing Planning and Community Development Quinten Snijders, Press Officer of Aedes and Pepijn Bakker, ISHF Project Leader

‘Affordable housing now, better communities tomorrow’ - The International Social Housing Festival kicks off!


A big celebration of affordable housing for all will take center stage in Amsterdam in June.


Forty one events will be organized by 30 partners in 8 different venues in the Dutch capital this means more than 168 hours dedicated to a basic human right. The first celebration of the long tradition of decent, affordable housing for all. For over 10 days, the International Social Housing Festival (ISHF) will illustrate the added value of social housing for sustainable communities through conferences, workshops, lectures, tours, presentations, exhibitions, film screenings, debates, installations, activities for children and much more.


A joint initiative by the Amsterdam School Museum Het SchipAedes-The Federation of Dutch Social Housing AssociationsHousing Europe-the European Federation of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing, the Amsterdam Federation of Housing Corporations and the Municipality of Amsterdam, the Festival aims to be a platform of exchange for tenants, tenants’ associations, home owners, opinion leaders, self-builders, housing cooperatives, urban planners, administrators, developers, managers, designers, academics and policy makers.


The themes of Migration to Cities, Segregation and Inequality and Diversification will work as the thread that brings the various event together under the Festival umbrella.

The complete line up of events was announced during a kick-off event on March 23rd at the Museum Het Schip in Amsterdam by the Project Leader, Pepijn Bakker, and is available on the Festival website,


The City of Amsterdam Alderperson responsible for Building and Housing Planning and Community Development, Laurens Ivens, opened the official announcement emphasizing that “social housing is the only way we have to ensure that our city is undivided. Without it, Amsterdam wouldn’t be the same today, as access to decent and affordable housing is fundamental for the people’s overall quality of life”.

The Director of the Amsterdam Federation of Housing Associations, Egbert de Vries highlighted that “on the one hand we know that the Dutch housing system is quite special and we want to share it but on the other we also want to learn from others. The diversity of the Festival partners is a guarantee for this exchange”.

The Secretary General of Housing Europe, Sorcha Edwards underlined that when it comes to successful housing systems “you don’t know what you have you have until you lose it” and invited all participants and organizers to “make noise in support of affordable housing in a post-fact reality”.

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