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Think local first: a building policy to deliver on the EU's renovation challenge

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Think local first: designing an EU building policy framework centred on consumers, local authorities and energy advisory services to deliver on Europe’s renovation challenge


Consumers, local authorities and energy advisory services are the three leading forces, whose combined actions will enable Europe to deliver on its 2050 renovation challenge. Their manifold collaboration on the ground, in cooperation with other private and public stakeholders, is key to unlock widespread demand for renovation, ensure a just transition through affordable renovation schemes and increase the quality of life of European citizens.


The revision of the EU building policy framework in the context of the Clean Energy for all Europeans package provides an essential opportunity to empower consumers, local authorities and energy advisory services in putting Europe on track of its long-term renovation goal.


This Policy Roundtable, organized by the Horizon 2020 PUBLENEF project and the Energy Advice Exchange, will address the questions of 1) how EU and national policy can support the provision of integrated energy renovation and advisory services to consumers and  2) what the role of local authorities and local energy advisory services is in attracting private sector finance and investment for building renovations

The roundtable will bring together consumer organisations, local authorities and building policy experts to discuss these questions and the audience will be encouraged to join the debate.

PUBLENEF project & Energy Advice Exchange
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